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Three ways Lockyers can give you a better Warehouse Insurance deal at a lower premium:

1). Lockyers has strong relationships with the UK’s major insurers. This is how we’re offered very attractive warehouse insurance deals which are often unavailable to the public – resulting in better cover at a lower premium.

2). Lockyers brokers will take the information about your property and convey it to the insurers in the most appealing way. We don’t hide risks, but we do highlight the positive points about your property which makes it more attractive to insurers – resulting in even lower warehouse insurance premiums.

3). Lockyers only work with major UK insurers who have been assessed on quality of service, financial security and a strong underwriting policy. We retrieve the best warehouse insurance deals from each insurer, and then compare these deals to offer you the best overall quote.

Better premiums, better cover, and better customer service with Lockyers warehouse  insurance

Understandably, warehouse insurance is often more expensive than insurance for an office suite, for example. In a situation which involves higher risks, finding the best deal is more important than ever, which is why Lockyers is here to try and give you the best cover at the lowest premium.

Lockyers specialist commercial property insurance brokers can accurately assess the risks and then use our relationships with many of the UK’s leading insurers to compare and find the best possible warehouse insurance deal. To us, it’s not only about squeezing out the lowest premium, but it’s also about providing ample cover for every eventuality, so in the unfortunate event of a claim, you know you’re in safe hands. Lockyers brokers can even provide advice on ways to make your warehouse appear more attractive to insurers at little or no cost, and we can then use these changes to make the premiums even lower.

Warehouse Insurance

Lockyers will also have support on hand throughout the life of the policy. We can be on your side to accompany assessors, liaise with loss adjusters and generally ensure that the insurance procedure is as easy as possible.

Lockyers specialist warehouse insurance brokers have ample experience in all kinds of warehouse properties, including:

  • Factories
  • Logistics/transport
  • Storage
  • Industrial Units
  • Plus more

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Use one of the following methods to speak directly with a specialist broker for a quote. It’s completely free and no obligation.

1). Appointment – one of our brokers will visit your property to provide a quote

2). Telephone – call 01924 278222 to speak with one of our brokers and receive a quote

3). Form – Fill out the online form below and one of our brokers will get back in touch with a quote

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Cover can be Tailored to include:

  • Buildings
  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Employers’ liability
  • Legal expenses
  • Subsidence
  • Terrorism
  • Contents
  • Contract works
  • Fly tipping
  • Property owners liability